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Customer reviews

Evgeniy, Engineer of Tekhnik LLC (Perm Krai)

This year we have bought another IRK-01 roll cutting machine from Krasnokamsky RMZ. Now our holding company uses 4 such cutting machines. They operate non-stop during the whole year, by 8-9 hours every day – the cutting machine easily sustains such load. The basic advantage of this technology is preservation of all nutrients in hay and grass. Milk yields are increasing with such forage, and it is easier for people to work.

Nadezhda, Novosivinsky LLC (Perm krai)

This is video review of the work of an effective hay baler, which is part of the technology of packing haylage in a line.

Denis Aleksendrovich, Head of the agricultural production cooperative Collective farm on Perm krai

This video is a review of the advantages of a high-performance packer, which is part of the technology for «Packaging haylage in a line».

Evgeniy Glukhov, Deputy Director for Production of Perspektiva LLC (Perm Krai)

FRONTLIFT loader. We chose FRONTLIFT loader because an old lifter got out of order, we incurred heavy expenses for its repair. The robust, practical, and comfortable lifter of Krasnokamsky RMZ was recommended to us. We would like to note a good hydraulic system, high welding quality, and comfort in assembly and disassembly of working tools.

For FRONTLIFT loader we use 4 operating tools: three-tooth fork, silage cutter, and an agricultural fork. For the period of operation since 2014 we did not have to maintain FRONTLIFT loader.
Andrey Filipenkov, Chief Engineer of Sherya LLC (Perm Krai)

IRK-01cutting machine is a universal machine that loads rolls, cuts them and immediately distributes in a manger. We are long-standing partners with Krasnokamsky RMZ. The first cutting machine manufactured by it was tested at our farm, and to this day we use this equipment. If to observe all norms of the technology then there is no need in preservatives. We recommend this technology to everyone who wants to develop agriculture. It makes work during hay making easier and allows not to depend on weather conditions.

Grigoriy Bannikov, Director of Pravda SPK (Perm Krai)

Weather conditions do not almost effect in-line haylage making, the equipment operates efficiently even under wet weather conditions. Today this technology is one of most productive and useful as high-quality haylage making provides a company with an opportunity to operate efficiently, gain profit, and increase milk yields.

In making of haylage by using equipment of Krasnokamsky RMZ no preservatives are applied as high-quality operation and compaction allow farmers to keep forage for the whole winter. The Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making enabled us to collect about 10 thousand tons of first-class forage for animals.
Alexander Sarapultsev, Chief Agriculturer of Pokrovskie Nivy SPK (Perm Krai)

Earlier we made dry hay and silage in a traditional way. Then we decided to use packed haylage technology to overcome difficulties with hay making under wet weather conditions. Why did we decide to apply this technology? Livestock farmers like: good quality haylage, cows like it, increase in milk yield. And we do not depend on weather conditions.

To get a result it is required to observe an operation procedure and terms. When we packed each roll individually, there were delays. Output is higher with high-speed wrapper of Krasnokamsky RMZ, and it takes less time. It is more profitable with respect to expenses: film saving and final forage quality is important.