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Silotite Pro 5-layer agricultural stretch film is intended to pack haylage. Dimensions: width – 750 mm, length – 1,950 m, thickness – 20 micron. One spool is enough to pack 26-30 haylage bales.
Piippo hay-tying twine (Finland) intended to tie pressed rolls or bales can be used under any weather conditions. Length – 110 to 400 m in 1 kg.
Piippo Magic Blue hay tying net (Finland) of extended length (3,090 m). Breaking strength of the net is min 280 kg(f). It is intended for use in any climate.
Piippo Round Bale hay-tying twine (Finland) can be applied in any climate. It is an analogue of ТЕКС 2200 hay-tying twine (Russia). Length – 600 m in 1 kg.
Piippo Hybrid NG hay tying net (Finland) with breaking strength at the rate of 290 to 320 kg(f). Length is 4,000 m. It is compatible with all makes of balers represented in Russia.
Silotite stretch film used to pack haylage rolls (Belgium). Sizes of the agricultural stretch film: width – 750 mm, length – 1500 mm. 20-25 haylage bales can be packed by one film roll.
Piippo Green Cap net (Finland) is used to tie pressed hay, straw, and forage. Breaking strength of the net — 270 kg(f), length — 3,000 m. It is compatible with balers of any makes.
Piippo Econet is an environmentally sound tying net of extended length cutting time for tying of rolls of pressed hay, haylage, silage, and other forage.