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About the plant

KRMZ Innovation

«Green equipment» of KRMZ is manufactured in Krasnokamsk, a suburb of Perm city. The large Russian engineering and industrial center is known throughout the world for production of rocket engines and advanced IT-developments.

European traditions — Russian manufacture

Krasnokamsky RMZ is a Russian manufacturer of a range of equipment intended to implement Permskaya technology of in-line haylage making. The plant is located in Krasnokamk, not far from Perm – capital city of Perm Krai. Krasnokamsky RMZ manufactures agricultural machinery since 2003.

Italian manufacturer of agricultural equipment – Wolagri s.p.a. and Tonutti s.p.a. – were partners of the plant from 2003 to 2014. Krasnokamsky RMZ manufactured the equipment under their license and adopted practices: from standards of manufacture to quality of service.

Today robotic welding stations produced by Italian company SIAD Italargon are used to manufacture assemblies of agricultural machinery. Quality and reliability of Krasnokams machines is also guaranteed by laser metal cutting, technologies of highly precise folding and rolling.

All range of forage machinery manufactured by Krasnokamsky RMZ and FRONTLIFT front-end loader comply with standards of the European Union (CE). Krasnokamsky RMZ uses СЕ marking and supplies balers, high-speed bale wrappers, roll cutting machines, and loaders not only to Russian and CIS regions but also to European countries.


SIAD Italargon robotic welding machines
high-quality welding.


DMG-Mori Seiki turn-milling machine
High-precision machining of components for high quality units.


Laser cutting of steel sheets
Due to the high preciseness and computer processing of the trajectory laser cutting makes it possible to produce parts with a complex contour with a tolerance of 0.1 mm.


KRMZ machinery are capable to harvest high-quality haylage in countries with long dry summers, and where endless rains pour.

Low alloy steel for strong frame and wear resistant steel for working tools.


All KRMZ solutions comply with European Union (CE) standards.